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LIFT Partnership

The Governing Body of West Hill took the decision to join the LIFT Partnership, a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) created by West Hill and Linden Bridge. The schools transferred to Academy status on October 1st 2017. The governors were convinced that joining Linden Bridge in this new venture was very positive for all stakeholders at West Hill. This newly formed Trust has ambitions to grow and to be an influential provider of education to children with special educational needs. The MAT will secure the best funding outcome for West Hill.

It will give us the best opportunity to invest in the school’s improvement and provide the resources and services that our staff and young people need. There will be more opportunities for the teaching staff to share expertise and satisfy career aspirations. Most important of all, given the challenges facing Surrey and the funding of special education, governors believe the MAT will secure the best outcomes for West Hill’s pupils. Our MAT has been granted the opportunity to open a new school in Surrey, which will provide a similar education service to Linden Bridge. So there will be opportunity in future to provide an outstanding education to a greater number of children with autism in the region.

The MAT created by West Hill and Linden Bridge will operate a decentralised model, so the school’s leadership team and governing body will continue to run the academy on a day-to-day basis. The move to create the MAT is about the long-term future-proofing of the outstanding education we provide at West Hill.

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The following documents can be located on the LIFT partnership website: